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tv   CBS 5 Early Edition  CBS  September 5, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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the of assistant critical condition here at john muir medical center. his been visited by his family if you're up the night. he was shot and brought here yesterday yesterday morning. he shot by the driver of the cheaper install on highway 16 in alamo. i killed the shot so that's when i look round and that's
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when i see the cup in us when he was shooting the person in the cheap. the second officer hope to young summoned so paramedics arrived. the registered owner couldn't afford the towing fees and left it in the hands of the tow yard. we're waiting for more information this morning on the man who is driving a jeep. we also keep you posted this morning on the condition of officer young strum. we're expecting to hear more from officers at a press conference of 11 this morning. learn more about the background of the chp officer who is now fighting for his life. officer young show is on life-support with his family by
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his side. this morning we are learning that officer was also a devoted father. he graduated from the chp academy in 2005 and was based at martinez for five years. his of amanda has been father and. the officer is not only a co-worker here is a good friend. we appreciate all the calls and concern from the public. in every family and friends who supported and concerns toward us. it doesn't just let us that if the public as well. or the effori have known for this will the office a youngster is being treated at
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john muir medical center in walnut creek. he was in critical condition late last night. his family and extended the family had been all visiting him for at the evening. shapiro + about the shooting on 60 came about a 20 in the morning. how i'd like to report hostile a shot fired on the freeway. officers possibly done. shall the officers a fellow officer young strum who shot the suspect with the if for help and then returned to youngster inside until paramedics alive. both northbound and southbound lanes were completely shut down for up the morning. the stuff of lanes and not start opening up until 5:00. drivers were reported to highway 24 while investigators runcie.
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this morning police and widow he hopes of the news conference and called in the shooting three days ago. 23 year-old suspect was shot and killed after he brandished a replica file arm in the early hours of sunday morning. the list he refused to obey orders to put his hands up. to this media briefing happens at 11. san jose firefighter has emerged from it, it is speaking with friends and family for the first time since up suffering a heart attack on the job. he laughs last week while battling a church father in downtown. upon waking up one and immediately ask for one of his closest friends a co-worker. were reworked to want it to
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remember anything? not really. i teli told the nurse that he's b. he capt. says that run remains in intensive care at least for a couple more days. crisis centers stop in northern california wild fires from spreading even further credit is putting in a remote area of a loose the county near state highway 16. it began yesterday afternoon as 275 7ยข a british to burn 500 a.. a stretch of highway 16 remains closed to traffic in the fight is 10 percent contained. the southern california crews are solely making progress 9,600 a. wildfire. this is above a sousa in the sand gabrielle comes. the
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of the other is the 15 percent contained and as the threat in any populated area. back by popular demand we have some low clouds and fog moved in overhead. it also subtropical moisture coming our way. there's a chance we could pick up some ring. as we have erupted in regard to see some of monsoon comes right to it on through. this year because of too sweeping up from this stuff? the tropical moisture as be to slide and our direction. the teachers agreed to be to see is the '90s and. but six is an 70's around the bay.
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overnight room work out on the golden gate bridge on the stock tumbling. let look from oakland. in the meantime the road work this hard for the san ramon valley. have a fluffy for a quick closure in this bit closer antioch. because for a brought
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success isn't about how much money you make it's about the difference to make in people's lives. democrats soon for the postal address that in north. last as she stepped up once again. the shuttle, had everyone on the convention floor on their feet. i love the show obama. i have seen firsthand that being president doesn't change to you are. it reveals who you are. she said this president is a man who's about bringing in family values mean that he will look out for all americans. that's why he cut taxes for working families and small businesses. and fought to get
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the other industry back on its feet. what a facility stayed mostly away from politics keynote speaker julio castro spoke of right in. four years ago america stood on the brink of a depression. despite incredible odds and united republican opposition are president took action. him and no we seen 4.5 million new jobs. tonight president bill clinton will be the start. when he left office the economy was in a far better condition than when it was when he took office. cbs five of reports in the
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democratic convention for up the week. also streaming the convention live to our web site. republicans are continued the theme that the nation is not better off than it was four years ago. vice-presidential nominee have run campaigned in ohio an unadjusted 11 gop released a new web ad comparing president obama's first team to that of president jimmy carter. presidential nominee mitt romney is in new hampshire resting preparing for next month's debate. the national debt clock this currently sitting at under 16 trillion dollars. it has that special assistant day.
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ses security risk? this man 181 down syndrome was kicked off an american airlines flight. tell a hero at a police officer pulled a move that an action movie to catch a suspect on,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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as police officers south korea held a year after he clung to wind chill of a fleeing suspect's car. for 25 minutes to keep him from escaping. he sought the suspect for making illegal u-turn while he was biting ticket he tried to take off. that's when he jumped on the and the suspect was later arrested in traffic. the officer were told was promoted.
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another man deserved to be promoted. is a tragedy could see a couple of-scattered showers. notice the little bit further to the south hear what you can see some moisture running up that direction. this moisture is straight up from the south and headed north toward. could see some isolated showers throughout the bay area. the sinks and you're so out towards the media goes like. but the afternoon but was squeezed in a couple days of sunshine in the clubs and i should warmest up into the '80s.
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about seven and degrees in san jose 78 in redwood city 64 in half when they 64 degrees in san francisco 71 in oakland and about 81 in san rose said. a level of the bay bridge. a lot of folks are heading into san francisco this morning. the lower deck looks pretty good as well. if you're hitting the
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senator and a bridge is what it looks like. why were kemp's slow you down in lanes sat on 11. more road work for the san ramon valley. this ton northbound sixth lady approaching sycamore about the road. more road work for the freeway closure east of highway 4 at leverage. mass- transit nothing to know to. everything is on time. hick
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the uc regents will consider a settlement claim filed by its students involved in last month's him ever since it uc-davis. minister besides which it proposed settlement. if the regents approved the agreement in federal court must then sign off. a suspect is and now in custody in a san francisco police arrested this man no on sunday. police say the two had earlier met at a bar and shared a cab ride to the apartment. sentences the police are investigating a steam targeting
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elderly chinese women. to win and bring to that of thousands of dollars over the holiday weekend. one was actually caught on video. a group of women convinced a victim that she'd stepped in blood and is being overtaken by evil spirits. to be purified shot the victim is told to put all your valuables in a bad. she came back with money and jewelry and had a blast. she does some sort of ritual and give the back back to the victim. some other stores home run the area. again club could face eviction. a pacific route and gun club has to reach an agreement today on extending the 78 road to peace with the public utilities commission. the two sides have been disagreement with environmental and liability issues. san franciscans will
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soon have some more and taxis to get around town. the municipal or directors has issued a planned to issue up to 200 more cabs. a group of actors said that the fbi acted as millions of our users. the packers posted on line. so far there have been no independent verification that the hackers claims are true. the fbi issued the statement " there is no evidence at this time that an fbi laptop was a compromise or the fbi even sought or obtained a stack ". the cupertino mishit company invited the media to a news conference next week in severance a scupper the invitation shows a big 12 for september 12th in the cast a
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shadow in the shape of a five. the next phone is expected to go on sale a week or two later is expected to of a larger screen and the ability to access the latest wireless networks in the u.s.. microsoft and nokia ab reportedly ready to unveil new phones. pahandisposal site posin of moral mobility back in may. stock and fixed-income here involving. after the amazon announced licensing deal with the cable channel he picks. the fixes to be a coup exclusive partner with that ft supported
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the deal at 2000 movie titles to amazons are streaming service this year. a 67 million americans have high blood pressure and more than half of them don't have it under control. the center for disease control says millions are not being treated with medicine and many don't even know that they have a problem. high blood pressure is a major risk for heart disease and stroke. members of the southern california family have claimed american airlines ticket off a flight because one of them has done syndrome. happen on sunday as his family tried to catch a flight from new york to l.a.. this crew made the decision because the six senior aboard appear to be agitated and running around the day prior to boarding the plane. like ask you what you think? you and, on face the court to order. , prime time pricing
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purchase of how some restaurants are proper charging more for the time of day that you time to eat. the caller's gone would be the car is gone? has gone watch your shopping for, but ted. what uncover and little known rule that a popular bit every a ball. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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to cease and showers? a talk about that coming out. so off to a nice start before 5:00 this morning. no deliberate not a bridge or
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december the bridge. he will find some road work on your approach to the golden gate bridge. a trip to the mall turned into a big headache for one big area family. the crowd of towed from the parking lot at the stones come back. even though the woman was inside shopping. hamilton not make a mistake. stunt often to those ft with a chronic problem of students using its what did i was in the mo. besides this picture for the mall. i've never sees that i was in the mall that they that the time decided to tell her the new york times says restaurants are catching up with the rest of the hospitality industry when it comes to a
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veritable busing. taken on the disk and get discounts for offbeat dunning. in some cases you that means he may have to have dinner after 11:00 that night. severance is closer lee has a show of luxury landmarks. soon that may include a little. an annual contest by baffin supply company has one of the top-10 finalist in the sunset francisco. they have hand-painted wallpaper and some light fixtures and even some customers. the winner will be selected
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but online voting. it is coming up a san jose firefighter is a week after a heart attack. who spoke to and what he said after an instant hit rock these issues are political. their personal. list and michelle obama makes the case for another four years for her husband. we also have some exclusive video of the moments after the shooting of a chp officer.,,,,,,
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